Don Rafa had a dream of hosting all his family in one grand place. This path led him to love, fortune, textiles, fashion, and hospitality. Today this story involves you! We are thrilled to enhance your lifestyle by joining Don Rafa’s Club Membership.

Who can join as Don Rafa Club Member?

Membership by invitation only

This exclusive group will bring together a diverse range of individuals who are passionate about making a positive contribution to our society, as well as those who appreciate local art and culture. Member whil hace the benefit of enjoying the exclusive facilities od Don Rafa’s house as well as the networking events held on property, preferences in availability for stays, exclusive member rates, and more!

Members will be able to refer a number of guest of their selection to join the club. Once we receive the information of the individual honored with their referral, Don Rafa’s  team will be evaluating the candidates and, if aproved, sending a personal invitation to join.

Social Impact

Our mission is to support projects that have a high value and embrace future gnerations thru architectural and community enhancements. For that reason, periodically we will be committing to a project in order to make the pertinent efforts to achieve a significant and valuable impact with the help of all our members.

An example of one of the initiatives we want to work on is to join efforts to reopen the Nuestra Señora de Lourdes negothic church, designed by Antonio Nechodoma, with the intention of contributing to the revitalization efforts in collaboration with other groups who share our passion for this project.

To acgueve this, we will be organizing an exhibition of local artisrs who will be selling their pieces. 100% of the commisionable proceedings will be donated to the church. Trought this event and others, we aim to contribute to the rebuilding efforts of this architectural and spiritual gem, with the ultimate goal of seeing its doors open once again in the near future.

Rafa's Club Member



Royal Club Member



*The membership paid by the first 30 members will have a 2 years long duration instead of 1 year long.

601 Av. Miramar
San Juan, PR 00907